2023 - 2024 Attendance and Dismissal Information

2023 - 2024 Student Absence & Dismissal Changes

Please try to inform our office via the attendance phone line (740-657-4930) or email (tresattendance@olsd.us & teacher’s email) by 9:30am. 

Any student not accounted for by 10:00am will be notified via a phone call and email from the building. 

When sending emails regarding these changes, please send the email to tresattendance@olsd.us and the students teacher/s email. 

Please be sure to include your students' teacher name in the body of the email next to the students' name.

*All dismissal changes need to be received no later than 2:00pm. Any changes that need to be made after 2:00pm, we ask that you call the office directly at 740.657.4900.